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However, Raleigh serial numbers are a hot topic of discussion on the internet, and new information is coming available all the time!

Raleigh seemed to change their serial number system quite regularly and it seems that different systems were run in parallel to the point that similar serial numbers could mean vastly different ages!

Serial numbers are usually on the back of the seat-tube, although there are some reports of the "Twenty" having them on the left rear drop-out.

From 1966-1973 Raleigh used a serial number system with a letter code indicating the year of manufacture hence:1966 - A1967 - B 1968 - C (First year of manufacture for the "Twenty")1969 - D1970 - E1971 - F1972 - G1973 - HSome cross-overs at the start and finish of years did occur, so it is not 100% accurate, but it is a good indication. It was two letters followed by a series of numbers. My "Twenty" is NA5000029."N" - Should be the first letter for the Raleigh Twenty, denoting "Nottingham""A" - A-Z indicating which fortnight of the year that the frame was made."5" - A number from 0-9, the last digit of the year in which the frame was built.

I also do not have any information on serial numbers of the "Twenty" as produced under license by Morrison Industries in New Zealand.

I have one example of an AW hub where only the 7 in the year code is visible.

Usually, a hub is built into a bicycle wheel within a couple of months of manufacture, and the practice has been to date bicycles with 11 or 12 month codes as being of the following year.

eg 72-11 indicates a manufacture of November 1972, but the bicycle would be said to be a 1973 model.

A more accurate way of dating the bicycle is to look at the frame number.

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In the late 30’s Dan O’Donovan joined Carlton Cycles and by 1939 the O’Donovan family took over control of the company.

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