Dns not updating ptr records

Before setting up the reverse DNS for your Linode, be sure to set up your domain zone and DNS records through Linode’s DNS Manager.

You may also wish to view our guide on Common DNS Configurations.

A Pointer (PTR) record resolves an IP address to a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) as an opposite to what A record does. Here is what it looks like when performing external DNS lookup: mail servers and external mail servers (e.g.

Dedicated Web Server or Cloud Server) and the external server does not belong to Intermedia infrastructure, you need to create PTR record because it will help your server pass some security tests when connecting to other mail servers.

A reverse zone typically corresponds to a subnet, not a domain name, and a PTR record corresponds to a particular IP address, not an A record. There’s no technical requirement (as far as proper DNS function is concerned) for PTR records.

When you delegate forward DNS the owner of the domain tell the registrar to have your domain use certain name servers.With the help of DNS integration with the DHCP, you can simplify this task and can remarkably reduce the administrative overhead.Just like other DHCP administration configurations, even this one requires that you should use the Enterprise Admin or Domain Admin account credentials to make the changes.For more information about PTR records and DNS in general please see our Introduction to DNS Records guide.Note that, in certain special cases (classless subnet reverse zones), the name of the record may be different.

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Some disagree with the first item, in particular - they say that most IP addresses don’t need any PTR record at all.

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