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The biographical page means the page that has the minor’s name, photo, passport or travel document number, issue date and expiration date.Provide photocopies of the biographical pages of all passports and/or travel documents (valid and cancelled) for the five (5) year period immediately before the date of the minor’s application, or since the minor became a permanent resident, whichever is more recent.We will only consider the request if these boxes are checked and may ask for supporting documents or evidence to support the request for a waiver.The act of checking the boxes is not a confirmation or indication that the waiver request is accepted.As for Nano Coins, they’re worthless and always will be.Like Octa Coin before it (the cryptocurrency attached to Crypto 888 Club and Octa Partners), Nano Coins have no practical purpose.Note: A step-parent or grand-parent is not considered a parent for citizenship application purposes unless that step parent or grandparent has legally adopted the minor or has legal custody of the minor.

New Nano Club investor funds are locked down for a year.

No legitimate third-party merchant will touch a cryptocurrency attached to a Ponzi scheme, meaning the cryptocurrency is dead in the water.

As a bonus, new Nano Club affiliates will also be paying the Ponzi ROI liabilities Crypto 888 Club and Octa Partners racked up.

Note: Social Insurance Number (SIN) cards, bank cards and credit cards are not acceptable pieces of identification. Calculation of the minor’s physical presence fully completed, dated and signed.

The Online Physical Presence Calculator is the preferred method to calculate physical presence in Canada.

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