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Aside from the four electroweak gauge bosons with \(j=1\), there are eight components of the gluon \(g\) which is the gauge boson of the 8-dimensional group \(SU(3)_c\) where \(c\) stands for "color".This gauge group is behind QCD and makes the quarks hold together inside protons and neutrons (and the residual force between these color-neutral nucleons i.e.Each of them is composed (mostly) of three quarks, \(uud\) and \(udd\) where \(u,d\) stand for the up-quark and down-quark, respectively.

The photon is the only massless combination because the Higgs vev is only neutral under the corresponding charge, the electric charge \(Q\), and this fact has implications: electromagnetism is the only long-range force (aside from gravity mediated by the equally massless graviton).

During the 20th century, people realized that there existed heavier brothers of the electron which have the same charges but are different and heavier.

They're called the muon \(\mu^-\) and the tau \(\tau^-\).

The first three have the same charges as the up-quark, the last three resemble the down-quark.

The antiparticle to each of the six quarks has to be a new particle (denoted by a bar) because their charges differ.

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