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Thinking about my naked sister I drop my shorts -- I go commando under shorts at home -- and begin to softly stroke my stiffening cock.I grab some tissues and step in front of the big dresser mirror; I love to watch myself jack off.Here we burn the paper goods and recycle everything else which means I burn the paper goods and haul all the rest to the County Recycling Center 18 miles away.We live in the sticks, about 8 miles away is a crossroads settlement of sorts -- there's a Post Office General Store - Liquor Store combination, gas station and garage, the propane gas distributor and a couple of houses -- that's what passes for nearby civilization; it's known as the Pace Settlement.She stands there exactly like mom when she's pissed, except I've never seen mom naked. One hand flew up to cover her breasts and the other down to mask her furry taffy blond pussy, "Damn it David, get the fuck out of here! Leah has a nice face, a lovely, friendly, sweet face ...she's no beauty queen but you just know that she will be a pleasure to look at as she grows older, that same sweet smile will greet you every time.As I said she's 5'4" and very lean like a healthy swimmer with a golden tan.Except in our case it's no tan, it's the skin color we inherited from our Dad.

They're not big breasts, perhaps a fat B Cup but on this slender girl they look huge.

Almost everybody else makes a living from lumber or ranching cattle and sheep. Mom works for the local propane gas distributor, sort of a combination secretary and bookkeeper.

I work for a couple of small ranchers doing general labor and go to college ... I have to drive over 30 miles over to the Northern Central Community College and I take a couple of courses online.

And obviously, you are waaaay too busy to do your own laundry!

" Her voice reeks with exasperated frustration -- clearly she argued with our mother and was overruled.

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It's the kind of day that reminds me that I am lucky to be alive. It seems like we're always on each other's last nerve.

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