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Live Update is a mode that provides synchronous data update in real time.When some user makes a change, it becomes visible to all others immediately.The application should now be able to connect to the Symantec servers and obtain online updates.If you continue to receive initialization errors, contact your Symantec Enterprise customer support representative.Press the Windows key to launch the Start menu, and then right-click the icon for Live Update.Click the “Uninstall” option to remove the application. You must also delete the Symantec directory located at C:\Program Data\Symantec\.

Goes through entire site and replaces all instances of an old url with a new one. Some plugins will store the data in the database serialized which does not allow for easy updating of the data.

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Currently the options, postmeta, usermeta, commentmeta, and sitemeta tables are serialization safe.

The Pro Version supports updating these tables created by plugins. This plugin will tell you which ones not to update.

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