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Within Roman Panonnia the archaeobotanical record shows evidence of trade consisting mostly of local Mediterranean goods such as olives, grapes and figs, however, the recovery of rice and black pepper from Mursa provides the first evidence of exotics arriving to Pannonia from Asia.

Preliminary thoughts on the role of these foods within the colony and who may have been consuming them are briefly discussed.

The Roman period represents a time of major change in the diet of newly assimilated regions and the results here highlight the contribution that archaeobotanical remains can make to the growing discourse on the development of societies on the Roman frontier.

The study of plant macro-remains from archaeological sites is an important method to study aspects of past societies such as diet, agriculture, trade/economy and the local environment.

I’m the type of person who has a super fast metabolism; I’m used to eating six meals throughout the day. Paul native Reed Kelly has performed in big Broadway productions including “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark,” “Wicked” and “The Addams Family.” But the actor/dancer/aerialist, who took off for New York after graduating from Hill-Murray in 2001, is about to step in front of his biggest audience. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly, is one of the contestants on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs.Water.” The CBS reality show’s 29th season, which starts Wednesday, takes place in Nicaragua and features a fresh batch of 18 new “castaways” competing against loved ones.“We were like, ‘I will vote you off in a heartbeat if it serves us in the game,’ ” laughed Kelly, recalling a conversation with Canfield.He added: “Josh and I went into it knowing it felt very much like we were supposed to be doing this.

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‘Survivor’ has something like 20,000 people that apply each season and for both of us to be independently picked to be on the show and then for it to turn out to be a “blood vs.

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