Will updating ipod erase music

And while there are a few other differences, setting one up is fairly similar to setting up other models.If you're setting up an i Pod for the first time with the Shuffle, take heart: it's pretty easy.If you already have an i Tunes account, sign in with it here.If not, click the button next to I do not have an Apple ID and follow the onscreen instructions for creating one.

When you do this, i Tunes will launch if you haven't already launched it.But if you're not aware of how i Cloud Music Library stores copies of tracks, you may delete your local copies to save space, thinking you can get them back — and get screwed as a result.The i Pod Shuffle is different from the other i Pods: it doesn’t have a screen.As such, I've advised from the beginning to keep a master copy of your original library when using streaming services that match your library, and back up that library before signing up for anything cloud-related. i Cloud Music Library is confusing as all hell, and it's been so since the first days of i Tunes Match. In an ideal world, i Cloud Music Library would work like Dropbox, or even i Cloud Photo Library — whatever you upload is yours, it doesn't get "matched" to anything, and as long as you re-download everything before you cancel your subscription, you're fine.But DRM and downloading streaming tracks you don't have ownership rights to mucks things up.

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Whatever the case, Apple Music was never designed to delete Pinkstone's source library, and it won't delete yours.

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